Hi, I am Uliana and I am curios

about why and how people do what they do, feel what they feel and think what they think.
I studied Product Design in British High School of Art and Design, Moscow
I like people, systems, culture and I am looking for resilience.

In my Final Major Project I explored how time perception does affect our culture, I did a research on rhythms and tried to make intervention with my fmp. I didn't do what I wanted but I still impressed by a process.

I made a chair constructor on the first year and service for blind people.

in team I worked on:
new, more safety experience for scooter helmet
experience of using backpack in the city
future of kitchen
VR gloves

In my projects I usually try to:

Make life look less serious so people are able to open mind and explore alternative pathways
Get rid of unconvinient moves
Connect people together to fight against social fragmentation
Work on how to change existing systems to improve personal well-being and sustainability

Also, I draw >

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